Inspection Trip

Next Step! Inspection Trips, Buyer Trip to Turkey?

To help you find your property in Turkey, Yekta Homes organise viewing trips every week throughout the year. Most flights are direct to Antalya and take about 2-4 hours.

Please note flight availability changes during the winter.

What do we include in a viewing trip?

1. Return ticket.

2. Transfer from Antalya Airport to the hotel.

3. Accommodation in nice and comfortable hotel (Max. four days)

4. Stay with free breakfast and dinner.

5. City sightseeing in Alanya.

6. Pickup service from hotel to the construction (properties or lands) and return.

7. Transfer from hotel to Antalya Airport.

How much does a viewing trip cost?

The cost of this whole package is only 350 € pr. person. This inspection trip will be free of charge if you buy a property from Yekta Homes, hence the total cost of the inspection trip will be deducted from the price of the property.

How to attend an Inspection Trip?

If you have decided to take an Inspection Trip, download the form below, fill it out. Either Fax
+90 242 511 86 86 or E-mail it to us.
Please Click Here to download the Inspection Trip Form!