Reliability, Professionalism, Craftsmanship are Essential for Our Success!

Step by step guide to buying and owning your new home.

Full after service offered by our company itself.

Airport transfer, inspection trips, flights everything you will need will be supported by Yekta Homes. 

Buying and selling with a guarantee. 

Professional advice in various languages (English, German, Russian and Scandinavian Languages) 

Technical and legal assistance for the sales procedures. Translation of deed transfer with a certified translator. 

Obtaining a Turkish tax number. This is required for opening a bank account at the time of your title deed transfer. There is no fee for this. 

Assistance in the post sale services. 

Applying for your water and electricity membership. This task is done when you have your deed in your hand 

Obtaining residence permit/visa. 

Property management and maintenance (varies with property and quantity to task) 

Management of any future lettings in an efficient way. 

We can assist you within our company for renting or buying a car. 

Expert maintenance and repair services, including house cleaning. 

Payment arrangements for your electricity, water and phone bills. 

Help with property tax declarations.

Providing qualified plumbers, electricians, painters and etc.

Insuring your property and dealing with the insurance company. 

Assisting with your home decoration and choosing furniture. 

List of the most important phone numbers.

Regular updates. 

Short or long term oppurtunities for renting, we can help you rent out your property in an efficient and reliable way. 

The annual fee for our property management service is between 250 and 350 euro per year.

Some parts of these services are complimentary and some parts require payments.

Whenever you need the necessity of any modifications or additional requirements in your property, we will be there to solve the problem in a cost effective and prompt way. In any case we guarantee to offer a reliable managent service to oversee your property in your absence and deal with all the aspects of cleaning and maintaning.

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