Before buying - To buy a property - Who can buy in Turkey?

Almost all European citizens should be able/can buy one or more properties in Turkey, but not all types of properties.
If you decide to buy, What documents will be needed?

If you decide to buy a property in Turkey, you just need to bring your passport, four passport pictures and your contact information from your country.

If you buy, Pay attention!

1. Is there any deed of the property?

2. Is there any mortgage on the property?

3. Who does the property belong to?

4. Where is the property located?

5. Is the company you are buying, registered?

6. Is the property built with permission by government?

7. You must ask for the deed copy and confirm the originality of the deed, at the cadastral office. You must not make any sales contract at the notary, for the notaries are not authorised to make sales in Turkey.

If I buy, Do I need a solicitor?

Turkish Government regulations favour the purchaser, so most buyers find it unnecessary to employ a solicitor. However, if requested, it can be arranged at your convenience and at your own cost.

Do I need a private visa for buying in Turkey?

You will not need any private visa to purchase property in Turkey.

Can I bring my own car or furniture from my own country?

Vehicle, temporarily is not a problem, but if you want to bring the vehicle permanently to Turkey, then you must pay the total tax and customs toll fee. You can bring your furniture from your own country.

How much shall I pay for an avarage size property and what are extras?

As the prices quoted from the builders and vendors are net prices, in common within all property agents in Turkey, a sales commission upto 3 % of the purchase price is charged by Yekta Homes. This amount is due 14 days after the signing of a purchase contract in Turkey.

In addition to this commission there is a charge of approximately €1.200 for the issue of the Tapu (Title Deed) notary and translation services.


€ 65.000
€ 2.290
€ 1.200
€ 68.490
Can I pay for my property from the Europe?

Once you have signed the contract for the property you would like to buy, you can transfer the money into our account in Turkey. We recommend that for the best rates, you use a commercial foreign exchange company as for the banks in the Europe do not generally give you the best commercial rates.