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Turkey - a beautiful pearl with oriental flavor. It is quite popular among tourists from all over the globe. Travellers love Turkey not only for the abundance of historical and natural monuments, swimming in the warm Turkish seas. Turkey is famous primarily excellent infrastructure for all types of holiday: families with children, young companies, lovers of historical sights and lovers of natural beauty. Tourists attracted by many things: the sea and mountains, ancient and medieval history. And all this with the same oriental motifs.

General information. Turkey is located in the southwestern part of Asia, and parts of southern Europe, occupies a total area of ​​783.562 square meters. km. The population is 75 million. People. The official language - Turkish. Currency - Turkish Lira (TRY). 1 Turkish Lira = 17 rubles. Time difference with Moscow - minus two hours. Telephone country code 90.

A brief history. Turkey - a real cradle of several civilizations. The history of the peoples who lived on the territory of modern Turkey, has about 10 thousand years. XIV-XII centuries BC - Check the Greeks in western Anatolia. Behind them in 800 years. BC. came the Lycians and Phrygians and 600-s - the Persians. More than 300 years of Anatolia was under the rule of the Persians, but in 334 BC Alexander the Great annexed the land to the Macedonian empire. The city of Constantinople (Istanbul) in 330 AD He became the eastern capital of the Roman state ruptured. In the VI century, when the Romans destroyed the barbarian tribes, the Eastern Roman Empire became part of the Byzantine Empire.

In the XV century, the lands of modern Turkey became part of a powerful state - the Ottoman Empire. During this period, as a result of wars of conquest Seljuk Turks captured a number of South-East Europe and North Africa and Asia Minor. Expansion of the Ottoman Empire lasted until the beginning of a series of defeats in several wars, and participation in World War I led to the final liquidation of the Ottoman Empire. As a result, Russian-Turkish wars of national liberation movements, the peoples enslaved by the Turks were attached to Russia - North Black Sea and the Caucasus. There have also been freed from the Ottoman yoke, some Balkan peoples (Serbs, Romanians, Bulgarians), and form an independent state. October 29, 1923, Turkey was declared a republic, and it became the capital of Ankara.

Climate. Turkey - a predominantly mountainous country, it determines the character of a mountain with a predominance of the continental climate. In Istanbul, the climate is temperate with temperatures in the summer +28, +5 degrees in the winter. The Aegean and Mediterranean Seas has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and warm wet winters.

Visa and customs regulations. Russian citizens entering Turkey is a visa-free in the winter up to 30 days in the summer of up to 60 days stay. Duty-free import 400 cigarettes, 1.5 kg of coffee and 500 grams of tea, cosmetics, perfume and food - within the personal needs.

Getting there. Regular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, carried out in Istanbul and Ankara. In the summer season a lot of charter flights organized by the Mediterranean and the Aegean coast of Turkey from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and all the other regions of Russia.

Transport. Long distances between major cities can be overcome with the help of air traffic or "railways". Very convenient and economical travel Magee cities of the country on comfortable tourist class bus with air conditioning and wi-fi. In the small towns and buses. Inside the cities of Turkey can travel by public transport - municipal buses, trams, subway. For independent puteshestvenniklv you can rent a car. From the airport to city shuttle transfers.

Kitchen. The basis of Turkish cuisine - beef dishes as well as vegetables and legumes. Meals are served with lots of variety of spices, the main side dish of rice. Of course, you should definitely taste the Turkish slodosti - all kinds of baklava and Turkish delight. Also in Turkey stunning bread.

Shopping. Turkey is famous for great shopping preim, here you will find a great variety of shops and stalls with clothes, shoes and accessories.


You are always welcome in Turkey!