ISKAN is a document which proves the right to use a property or its part (for example, an apartment in the residential complex) as a residential property. To get this document you need TAPU (a document that shows your ownership right on the real estate). And you can get it in the municipality of the city or town. ISKAN contains the information about the property: the number of storeys, the number of apartments, the area of the property and many more.

There are two types of this document: Genel ISKAN and Ferdi ISKAN.

Genel ISKAN is a permit document which gives a right to use the building. The developer should get this document when the building is put into service. This document proves that the building was constructed according to the state construction standards and the city development plan.      

Ferdi ISKAN is a certificate of a separate apartment. You get this certificate when you buy a property. Ferdi ISKAN is given only once when you buy an apartment in a new building.  

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